fans working for fans

Take a look at our simple three step process below to see how fans are earning cash buying tickets online!


1. Register for Access

Thanks to TicketMaster Verified Fan & other similar programs, companies are starting to put fans first in line when buying tickets. We update you with the latest registrations so you can get better seats every time!


2. Buying Tickets for Fans

Simply use your computer from home to buy tickets for the best shows using our money! We supply you with everything you need to become an expert ticket broker all on your own.


3. Getting Paid

Score great seats, and get paid for it! Once your tickets are registered, we will send you a paycheck via PayPal. Every day that you buy tickets, you are earning a nice commission for yourself.



If buying tickets online from home sounds like a good job to you, then apply below. There are only a few requirements to get started! Sign up to learn how to earn cash daily with TixFAN! Learn cool tips and tricks to get the best seats so we can beat the scalpers together.

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