Leading the Direct to Fan Movement


Leading the Direct-to-Fan Movement


Industry advocate for artists and fans! 

Hi, my name's Ken Lowson and you may have heard of me. Vice Magazine called me "The Man Who Broke Ticketmaster." I've also been called the "Bot Eliminator, Most Notorious Scalper in History, and the Front Row Felon." How did I become so infamous?

There's a lot to the story - and you should read about it -  but for 10 years I was the largest ticket scalper in the world. I made $25 million dollars from reselling tickets. It was great until the Feds raided my business in 2009, and I faced 25 years in jail. Luckily, things worked out for me, but in 2015, thanks to the publicity of my case, the US government passed a law banning automated ticket bots in an attempt to stop ticket scalping. Similar laws around the world are currently in the works.

So where does that leave us now and why do we need to talk? 

Scalping is still alive and well. Corruption has ruled live events since the 70s and it's only getting worse. Eliminating bots was a good place to start, but bots are just the tip of a very corrupt iceberg. That's where insider industry knowledge comes in. We need to stop scalpers - and I am the ONLY insiders willing to tell you how to do it!





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Areas of Expertise

MUSIC and Live events

The world of music is ever growing and evolving, and we’re not just talking about sound trends. With the consistent introduction of varying revenue streams and distribution channels, the opportunity for profit grows, but so does the complexity. That’s where we come in.

PR and fan relations

Demystifying fan relations requires finesse, strategic structuring, and in many ways, empathy. At the end of the day, the relationship between artists, venues, and fans is profoundly personal. That’s why we gain fan support and eliminate scalping at the source.

elimination of unauthorized reselling

This includes - but is not limited to - automated bots. They are but one piece of the puzzle. Think your system is secure? Think again. Only the world's best scalper can guarantee your system 100% scalper free. Recapture lost revenue from unauthorized reselling and your fans will love you!


The Direct to Fan revolution is still a new and fierce frontier. It requires advice from professionals who are deeply entrenched in the particularities of the ticketing industry. We give you an holistic approach, so your company can get the best competitive advantage.

Technology and system architecture

The internet and technology are so pervasive that we can’t remember having ever lived without them. They make life simpler, but are behind the curve when it comes to selling tickets. Luckily, we are intimately familiar with these tech challenges and can help you solve them.

Direct to Fan (DTF) movement

If you haven't heard of the growing "direct to fan movement" you're already left behind! Fans, artists, venues, and promoters are all looking to remove the middle men from their transactions and speak directly to each other. If your company has not figured out where you'll fit into this new ecosystem, contact us for assistance. Change is inevitable - failure isn't!


Bots are one piece of the puzzle, but a lot of the industry operates in nakedly improper ways
— Ken Lowson, VICE Magazine


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