The TIXFAN Story

In 2004, Ken Lowson founded Wiseguy Tickets, which became the largest automated ticket purchaser in history. In a short 4 years Lowson made $25 million buying tickets for retail Ticket Scalpers. In 2009, Lowson was raided by the Federal Government. He got lucky and avoided jail time however the party was over.

Lowson had been drinking since he was 15 years old and his Alcoholism got so bad during the trial the Federal Government sent and paid for Lowson's rehab. But it wasn't enough and when Lowson's little brother was killed by a texting driver. He relapsed.

Lowson knew something needed to change so he went on a soul searching trip to Kolkata India. Where he met his new partner Debalin Das he learned about Eastern philosophy and was motivated enough to finally put down the bottle.

Sobriety was new to Ken and he found life to be different. The escape that alcohol provided was no longer there. He found out how much impact his old behavior had on the people he loved.

His children had grown up before his eyes and he could not remember the important things. He realized how much he had missed and how badly he had treated his wife. He found shame and guilt for the first time.

In the meantime Ticket Bots had grown so large that the Fans had almost zero chnace of buying no chance of getting tickets. 

The resulting trial and subsequent press lead to President Obama signing the Federal BOTS Act.

TIXFAN opened it's doors in 2016. Since then, they company has advised many live event and ticketing technology companies looking to gain an insight into the secondary ticketing market. Additionally, TixFan serves as an advocate and early supporter of the "direct to fan" movement. TixFan strongly supports and assists all companies wishing to eliminate the middlemen that stand between - and often rip off - dedicated fans.